A Shiatsu session utilises bodywork techniques plus complementary therapies such as cupping, moxibustion and gua sha.

Initial consultations include diagnosis and treatment at 75 minutes – $110

Ongoing treatment sessions at the default time of 60 minutes are $95, however durations can be arranged to meet your needs.


Shiatsu Treatment:
Experience a one to one shiatsu treatment. We will take a comprehensive look at your needs using a East Asian Medicine framework with diagnosis and manual modalities with the aim to create lasting and embodied change. Recommended treatment are 75minutes for an initial diagnosis and treatment with consecutive treatments at 60minutes.

Individual body based practices & Virtual Shiatsu:
Similar to a Shiatsu session, we explore a number of guided exercises designed for in person or at home use. Find out more about the ways we can use an embodied practice as a bottom-up approach to regulating the nervous system and strengthen body awareness.

CoHealth Victims Assistance Program (Government Funded):
The CoHealth VA program offers victims of crime a bottom up approach to healing with Shiatsu bodywork, exploring the body after difficult or traumatic experiences. This work assists clients by providing tools to help integrate these events by holding a space for exploration and body experiencing.


Self Massage & Shiatsu Classes:
Self massage classes are offered throughout the year at yoga studios and online. To keep up to date with these offerings, please subscribe to the mailing list or follow me on Instagram and Facebook.

Couples Classes:
Private self massage classes formed to nurture and support an intimate relationship. The work may centre around touch and intimacy, stress and relaxation, touch for embodied trauma.

For couples work, please contact me directly. This work can be used in conjunction to couples therapy, please allow for an initial 2 hour session.


Recognising that community have various needs and may find different barriers to accessibility, West Shiatsu provide a number of alternative options.

Should ongoing treatment at the listed rates be financially difficult, my work can be performed with a sliding scale fee based on a case by case assessment through a collaborative conversation as part of the shiatsu therapy, applied for long term therapies.

Home visit sessions are also available for clients based on accessibility needs and this can be discussed prior to booking.

Ongoing classes and group sessions have also been designed to ensure that we can keep the work sustainable and accessible to the entire community.