Ear Seeds & Ear Acupuncture

What are they?

Ear seeds are little stickers with a small seeds or ball bearing attached and they are placed on a specific acupoints on the ear. They sit on the skins surface and the patient can press and stimulate the acupuncture point on the ear as needed. The ear seeds stay on the ear for around 5-7 days, and can be removed by the patient at home and at any time if uncomfortable.

Ear seeds and ear acupuncture have been utilised over the years by the National Acupuncture Detox Association (NADA) which has built an incredible advocacy program using ear acupuncture and ear seeds as a treatment intervention for trauma, substance misuse, abuse and dependence and disaster recovery.


When do we use them?

The ear points can be applied for many conditions, such as anxiety, insomnia, headaches, and I often uses them for trauma recovery and healing as they are easy to use, non-invasive and safe.

When we treat someone is experiencing ongoing states of heightened stress and trouble with self-regulation we offer an ear seed as an additional regulation tool. 

After your acupuncture session we can add an ear seed for you to apply gentle acupressure to the body (if appropriate), explore body-based practices like stretching, self-massage and breath work. Or apply a range of a take home ear seed to press throughout the week.

Ear seeds are also applied as an adjunct treatment therapy for hay fever, where two points are stuck to the ear for 7 days and pressed at regular intervals prescribed by your practitioner.